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Deposit Information


- Valid supporting documents (including deposit receipts, bank statements, screenshots and deposit receipts with cheque images, etc.) must show: account holder name, payee name, account number, transaction date, amount and transaction reference number, etc., in order to verify that the deposit was made from the customer's own account. If the voucher cannot show all the account information, such as: showing ***, additional bank statements and/or bank cards must be uploaded as proof.

- Third-party deposits are not accepted. All deposits must be made from the customer's own bank account. In order to more effectively process deposits, customers are advised to pre-register a bank account opened in their name.

- Due to enhanced monitoring and verification of deposits, the time for deposited funds to arrive may be extended. In any case, we will not be responsible for any interest, fees, expenses, claims, recoveries, losses, costs and compensation caused or incurred due to the rejection of any deposit and failure to deposit in time to meet the margin call requirements.

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