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Fund Deposit

Important Notes:
- Valid proof such as deposit receipt, bank statement, screen-print, deposit receipt with cheque images, etc. as evidence by showing the information such as the payer name of the bank account and/or the payee’s name, account number, transaction date, deposit amount and the reference number, etc. to verify the deposit is from client’s own account. if the deposit slip/voucher cannot contain all information, for example, withdrawal bank account number is protected and displayed as ***, please provide the bank statement or bank deposit card as proof.

- Third party deposits is not accepted.
- Potentially the time required for crediting fund to the account(s) will be lengthened due to the control enhancement on verification process. In all circumstances, the Company shall not be liable to client for any interests, charges, expenses, claims, losses, costs and damages arising from rejected fund deposits and margin call taken by us due to the failure of depositing fund on a timely basis.

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